The #1 reason to why you should have Background Screening is simple:

“ Who you invite to your company matters”

In the age where identities are easily duplicated, personal data manipulated and past experiences alluded – checking your potential candidates’ background is not just necessary, but a mandatory to ensuring your company investment in the right people.

At Mevis – PT. Meta Visio Indonesia – we are dedicated to ensuring all employers with our professional and trusted screening methods. We authenticate and validate the personal information, enabling you not just hire fast, but hire right!

Featured Checks

Designed with accuracy and flexibility, Mevis provides a variety of reliable solutions for pre-employment screening or applicant vetting. Our services are highly customizable based on your needs and preference. Consult us for free and get your personal screening service today.

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Academic Credentials & Certification

Academic falsification data is one of the most common illegal documents which can lead to many work complications. Through our education verification system, each employer will know for certain of the degree, major and academic performance prior to finalizing a hire. Similarly, certification check by Mevis also ensures that all certifications provided by your candidates are legitimate and valid. We highly recommend it in industries where specialized skills are critical such as medical, machinery, mining and others.

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Work History & Performance

One of the most basic screening services, employment history indicates work experience of an individual that covers the legitimacy & accuracy of each job listed (title, dates & other details) in the resume and application. To complete your candidate evaluation, Mevis Performance Check also provides insight into their previous work quality.



Residential or address verification is one of the most important checklists during your employment verification process. Valid address information can be the difference of locating your employee in the most timely matter when needed or in time of crisis.

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Sanction List

Complying with global government policies, including NCB-Interpol Indonesia, Mevis helps you eliminate the possibility of hiring felons or criminals, frauds, terrorists, and other offenses such as money laundering, criminal suspects, etc.

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Financial Review

Finance background check is particularly important when you are looking for someone responsible to fill in higher level posts, such as finance manager or CEO candidates. Knowing someone’s full financial background is a great preventative way to securing your company’s as well as avoiding other unwanted scenarios.

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Insolvency and Litigation

Civil and criminal litigation, as well as insolvency check, will expose you to a wide array of other relevant information that concerns legal action such as criminal charges, employment discrimination, insolvency law, or other legal involvement.

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Identity screening check is another basic requirement that is easily overlooked by many employers. Identity is the most standard service that can assure you of your candidate or employee’s real identity and eliminate the possibility of theft in larger schemes.

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Social Media and Internet

Avoiding classic digital case where a viral post damages an entire company’s reputation, our Social Media & Internet service helps you comb through your candidate or employee’s online past or current behavior – ensuring you of hiring or working with someone with the right social or political values.

How We Work

Our methodology is easy, fast and convenient with a standard of 10 (ten) working days for the total process. It’s free, private & confidential – all consultation aims to determine affordable solutions based on your business needs. Basic requirements are in form of paperwork and other identity information prior to our observation of the specific individual.

A verification process in full effect includes direct field investigation, third-party queries, online screening and other methods to validate and authenticate your case. Clients will receive a full report that’s professionally generated for your evaluation.